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We offer the ONE PAGE WEB SITE solution for a flat rate of $239.00. This web site will not be a “watered down” template page, but rather a unique page.


What makes WJDesigns different

What Makes WJDesigns Different...

There are many website designers for you to choose from but WJDesigns prides itself at developing websites that are uniquely tailored for each client. We do not use “Cookie Cutter” templates, our designs are a reflection of your individuality.
We will also help you with your marketing development and deployment.

Web Design Pittsburgh

WJDesigns is a privately owned Pittsburgh Web Design Company that is dedicated to delivering quality web sites at an affordable price.

As a freelance web designer, I started WJDesigns in 1996 developing web sites for small and medium , budget-minded businesses.

I have found success in operating WJDesigns on a personable yet professional level with clients, by not trying to baffle them with technical jargon or "techie speak", but rather discuss their individual needs in layman's terms.

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Web Design Pittsburgh

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